Water is life project: Bioarena filters for indigenous people

In January 2019 in northern Colombia, the Foundation had a successful mission: Empowering Wayuú, this mission was part of the reward system to Wayuu communities for participating in the Sacred Thread Foundation and fighting for a better future for families through families of its crafts.

Water is life is one of the projects executed during this mission. During this week, 42 ​​water filters with Bioarena have been built and install and form the local leaders to believe and keep them once installed. These bioarena filters are made of cement and special sand that eliminates impurities and allows water to be 98% pure. We managed to raise 6,481 euros, with a total of 145 beneficiaries and more than 50 people trained.

This project was possible thanks to the sponsors: Leogont, Davita, Master Sha Tao Center Berlin, Atlantis Gothe, Anders Fardight, Isabel Aponte, Lucy Smith, Thomas Berrue, Beate Grill, Clare Chater, Valentina Quijano R, Juan Montes, Marcela Arias, Geoff Fellows, Claudia Salazar, Kata Santana, Teresa Florian, Georg Eisele and the partners: People Project, ABury Foundation, Copuajira and the Canadian Association for Participatory Development (CAPD).

Our objective with the Water Is Life project is to build and install these biofilters in all communities in the region. Little by little, but with force, this dream is becoming a reality.

In September 2019, the Sacred Thread Foundation and its team will be in the community of Ciruekat in its mission of providing social benefits such as access to water and education to more than 240 beneficiaries in indigenous communities Wayuú. The filters will be built by the community of Los Cabritos that were beneficiaries of the January 2019 mission of the Water Is Life project, in which 42 filters of the same specifications were built. Our goal is to strengthen this knowledge network and build filters in other communities.

We have already achieved 2,500 euros. Now our goal is to raise 7,000 euros more to cover:

    • The construction of 50 bioarena filters
    • The installation of 62 bioarena filters
    • Transport of filters and materials to the area
    • Basic equipment needs (accommodation, food, transport)

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