Human development

In these workshops an introduction to the chain Value of the crafts and the basic concepts of national and international marketing are made. They are taught fair prices and production and sale cost of crafts.

In addition, leadership and entrepreneurship workshops, management and formulation of community projects, administration of small businesses, the basic management of new communication technologies and information and basic notions of customer service.

The human development workshop is divided into 6 sub-workshops:

  • Introduction to the market

  • Introduction to the chain Value of crafts and the basic concepts of national and international marketing. Fair price workshop and production and sale cost of handicrafts.


  • Commercial strategy

  • Exhibition of different commercial strategies for the sale of handicrafts and the importance of the creation of an organization or cooperative in the community.

  • Leadership

  • Identification of community leaders who can facilitate internal organization and external communication with possible buyers. We also train the leaders with an immersion of up to two weeks where they learn in a practical way. We take them to Bogotá or Cartagena and learn everything necessary to participate in a fair, help design and mount it.

  • Entrepreneurship & Technology
  • Technological tools adapted to the context that can be applied to the different productive projects of the communities are exposed.

  • Small Business Administration

  • In this workshop, different strategies focused on the use of resources available for revenue, administration of them, financing mechanisms, access to services, price selection, cost decrease, etc. are treated.

  • Artication and production planning
  • Planning is a totally new concept for communities, in this workshop there are tools for artisanal production planning as well as the preparation for an artisanal fair such as Expoartesanías.