We teach design as a competitive and differentiated tool in the market. Create new products to restore culture and its ancient technologies, just as they differ from other Wayuu products in other communities.

The design workshop is divided into three sub workshops:

  • Product Design and Development

  • In this workshop, 15 products were designed using the ancestral techniques of the community through a game of mixing design elements such as color theory and sizes and shapes that craftsmen can achieve. This series reflects the skills of craftsmen, as well as their community and culture.

  • prototype

  • Once the design is established with the community, prototypes will be organized, and each craftsman will be responsible for one of the products. Materials were also provided and the processing of the technical data sheet was explained.

  • Brand Creation Studio

  • Based on the natural environment studio, brand creation was established, in which the community defined the product names, elements, and colors that make up the brand. Here are the ideas and prototypes of possible logos displayed.