Ancestral rescue

Through design and quality education we seek to develop skills in communities to make luxury products that include all their cultural legacy. The scope of this objective aims to carry out an exhibition of the cultural reference framework of the context of the communities in question, so that it can be applied to the handicraft design.

The ancestral rescue workshop is divided into 5 sub-workshops:

  • Symbology and Transmission of Knowledge

  • This workshop aims to identify the knowledge, the cultural legacy of the community and the important actors.

  • Ancestral techniques and patterns value chain

  • This workshop identifies the chain value of the crafts, the actors and the structuring of the community for an organized and efficient artisanal production. Teamwork is promoted and community production capacity is displayed. In the same way, the weaving techniques and the management of ancestral patterns and the potential to develop new products are evaluated.

  • Identification of the legacy within each community and awareness of knowledge exchange

    Techniques and patterns that represent the community are identified and a sensitization is made on the learning and rescue of handmade techniques that could be rescued and/or learning from other communities. In the same way, emphasis is placed on the value of the ancestral legacy, the value of the Wayuu culture and the ancestors in order to apply it to the artisanal work and to the value of its artisanal products.

  • Quality technique.

    Introduction to the concept of quality and application to artisanal techniques, value chain and finished product.


  • Identification of the natural environment, recognition of territory and brand creation

    A visit to the natural environment guided by a log that each person must fill in order to observe their habitat and correlation with their culture, identity and community. With this material, brand creation is built.