The Sacred Thread Foundation was founded in January 2013 by Sabrina Prioli, an Italian sociologist who, inspired by the Wayuú, decided to move to Colombia to create a foundation dedicated to preserving the culture and traditions of indigenous groups, using an inclusive model that He sought to improve the quality of life of these communities.
In 2015, Ana María and Emilia Torres, two Colombian sisters with extensive experience in promoting social impact and sustainable entrepreneurship, assumed sacred thread leadership. Its objective: Design and implement a new business model that established sacred thread both locally and globally, consolidating strategic alliances and generating a long -term sustainable development.
In February 2015, Natalia Bertel joined the team as Executive Director, and in 2016 Sacred Thread was selected by Artisan Resource to participate in the "Incubation Program" in Nynow, the largest lifestyle of life in the United States. This occurred after a very successful launch of an exclusive collection of contemporary design products in Expoartesanías, in Bogotá, Colombia, in December 2015.
Since then, Sacred Thread has entered more than 10 markets in America, Europe and Asia, increasing the number of artisan women supported from 17 to 150, and empowering 5 women leaders in the communities with which we work. Thanks to this, we have been able to provide social benefits, such as access to water and education, more than 500 beneficiaries from Wayuú indigenous communities.
None of this would have been possible without the support of strategic partners such as Avianca, Artisan Resource, the Center for Administrative Studies (CESA), the Government of Israel, Mob and a community of more than 3,000 people who support us.