Water is life

The water project is life consists of the construction and installation of Bioarena filters in the Wayuu communities, with the training to local leaders so that they can keep them once installed. These bioarena filters are made of cement and special sand that eliminates impurities and allows water to be 98% pure.

This project was possible thanks to sponsors: Leogont, Davita, Master Sha Tao Center Berlin, Atlantis Gothe, Anders Fardight, Isabel Aponte, Lucy Smith, Thomas Berrue, Beate Grill, Clare Chater, Valentina Quijano R, Juan Montes, Marcela Arias, Geoff Fellows, Claudia Salazar, Kata Santana, Teresa Florian, Georg Eisele and the partners: Network Project People, Abury Foundation, CORPOGUAJIRA and the Canadian Association for Participatory Development (CAPD).

We have made the installation of these filters in the Suruelakat community in high Guajira. Our goal is to strengthen this knowledge network and build filters in other communities.