Recycling ecobrick & +

Wayuú communities do not have a garbage collection system. Therefore, we provide support so that they can separate the garbage from the recyclable material and help them reuse the latter to create new products, such as an ecological brick, which has been used in the construction of new buildings in the communities.

The origin of the project had two main causes. First, the need to do something with the waste produced by the community because they had no clear idea of ​​how to treat them. And second, manage children's free time in pleasant and productive activities.

From these causes and the intention of caring for the environment, the activity of Ecobrick & +was born, which consisted of using plastic bottles as containers of other recyclable materials that simulated the function of common bricks. The task was that the children realized the objects they could use to fill the bottles and learn what can be recycled and what not.

Once the echoladrillos have been manufactured, we continue with the process of building a park bank, so that it is for the use of the entire community. In turn, this task was complemented with awareness workshops on the importance of recycling and workshops on waste management methodologies.

Although the activity was successful, it has not been repeated. As the idea arose from a volunteer, we intend to do this beautiful work with new volunteers who are willing to propose challenges to the Wayuú community and show them that even the waste can be useful if they have an intention of change.

We wanted to leave the community a wide learning in which both adults and children can have the idea of ​​recycling as an idea of ​​change, and that creativity can help improve their reality. We teach children to use the resources that are available to contribute to their community and, more importantly, they will begin to build their future in a sustainable environment.