School Kits Project

Children are the future of each community and the world. We are committed to support your education. We seek to provide materials for their training and develop early childhood development workshops to ensure that they are prepared for primary education.


Mission 2019

In January 2019 in northern Colombia, the Foundation had a successful mission: empowering Wayuú, this mission was part of the reward system to Wayuú communities for participating in the Sacred Thread Foundation and fighting for a better future for families to families through its crafts.

During this mission and thanks to the support of Flor Amazona, more than 1400 school kits were delivered so that Wayuú children start their studies in 2019 with educational material. We managed to raise 18,408 euros to build 11,441 school kits that were donated to 8 different communities.

This project was also possible to execute it thanks to the Colombian army and Corpoguajira.