Sacred thread, among the most disruptive startups in Latin America that uses creativity to improve lives

Demand Solutions is the most important meeting of innovation and entrepreneurship of the IDB that brings together some of the most creative minds in the world to share solutions that improve lives.

This year, they selected the 13 best startups to present their initiative in Miami and Sacred Wal .

Through empowerment programs and collaborative design in the cloud, they have made 150 women from La Guajira Colombia increase their profits up to 600%.

Sacred thread has a multidisciplinary team of women leaders in the areas of engineering, design and social innovation with more than 36 years of combined international experience. In 2016 they were incubated by Artisan Resource de Nynow, the most important lifestyle fair in the United States ..

Sacred thread is a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum in London that recognizes 500 pioneers globally for their work with ethical trade and sustainable fashion.

Emilia Torres, CEO 

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