2023 school kits delivery


We start this year the opportunity to bring smiles to the little ones. In the month of February we managed to carry415 Kits to the children of our Wayúu communities. Each one of these kits contains the essential elements for the study, such as a notebook sewn of 100 leaves, pencils, drafts, plasters, pens, red pencils, double -tip colors, plasticine, colbon, highlights, resum paper, temperas and crayons , which are basic materials that students need for the development of their education. This delivery has been very important for these communities, since many of the students do not have access to these materials and are difficult for them to study without them.

Sacred-Entrega Kits

These kits were distributed by our communities as follows 

  • Kids: 69

  • Uyaraipa: 49


  • Tawarajosemana: 96

  • Urachikat: 33

  • UCCAS: 7

  • Yariwuanichi: 35

  • Portete: 40

  • Kalapuipa: 18

In the Sacred Thread Foundation we feel very happy and satisfied to continue contributing to the educational development of these Wayuu communities. We thank all those who have supported us to make this delivery possible and hope to continue contributing to the development of education in Colombia.