Black/Beige Wayuu beach bag


These Wayuu bags of a strand are handed by hand using traditional techniques that have been transmitted from generation to generation. The rich cultural heritage of the Wayuu is carefully woven in each backpack. The process can last more than a month, which results in an object that is not only a bag, but a reflection of sacred traditions and values.

The Black Beige/Beige Luxe beach bag presents patterns designed by the Wayuu indigenous people. Each bag has a unique, natural and bohemian attraction, and is perfect for summer days. This medium -sized Wayuu bag is ideal for holidays and on weekends, and has the perfect size to wear everything you need to the beach.


Bag: 9.8 x 12 " / 25 cm x 30 cm
Belt: 27.5 " / 70 cm

Our products are made 100% by hand, so the dimensions of each bag can differ slightly.



CAREFUL: Hand washing or washing machine with delicate clothing cycle.

Ref: Luxe G11

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