El Universal 2021 - Glow with the Flow

Article in the period the universal that talks about our Glow With the Flow project. Our operations director, Natalia Bertel, spoke with them about the objectives and importance of our "Glow with the Flow" project. Lacking resources and infrastructure to obtain menstrual hygiene products, Wayuu women and girls face difficult obstacles in their daily lives every month. Therefore, our goal for these women and girls is to be able to manufacture their own menstrual underwear, with the necessary quality so that they can live their menstruation in a dignified way, but also empower them with this knowledge so that they can be microentrepreneurs and independent. In addition, we consider the teaching of the biological processes that occur in menstruation. In this way, women and adolescents will be empowered to feel safe, without feeling shame or isolation during their menstrual period to be a free woman!

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El Universal article photo