In February of this year, the Hilo Sagrado foundation embarked upon an important visit to the indigenous communities of La Guajira, North Colombia. 

During this trip, the foundation carried out a variety of projects aimed to benefit members of the Ciruelakat, Cabritos, Uyaraipa, Urrachikat and Jarinjinamana communities, such as the delivery of 350 school kits, five water tanks and five biosand water filters. 

This visit was made possible thanks to the cooperation and support of varying private and public institutions. 



  • Delivery of school kits for students aged 5 to 18 years old - the children of artisans from the Jarijirimana, Cabritos, Ciruelakat, Urrachikat and Uyaraipa communities.

  • Update the census.

  • Review the social projects taking place within the communities, giving opportunities for improvement and feedback.

  • Hold a communal workshop to improve the community daycare centre. 

  • Training and alignment of community leaders.

  • Hold an innovative workshop for the Cabritos community to raise awareness of community construction projects.


Delivery of the kits

During this trip, 350 school kits were delivered so that local children could start their classes in 2021. 56 kits were delivered to the Cabritos community, 159 kits to the Ciruelakat, 48 kits to the Uyaraipa, 43 kits to the Urrachikat, and 44 kits to the Jarijirima. The success of this project owes to the generous contributions of our sponsors Davita, the National Army of Colombia, Ferdinand Hacklam, Carolina Castro, Carolina Serna, Gladys Paredes, Holga Guzman and  Nubia Quintero, who all believe in education as the path to building a better country. 


To fulfil this project, 4,000,000 COP in sales, five water tanks, one bag of dog food (as dogs in these communities are often forgotten and left in vulnerable positions), and 10 bags of chicken feed were delivered. The delivery of the feed was a continuation of the Chicken Coop Project that launched in 2020 and which aims to provide families with access to eggs, both as a food source and a source of income. This project was carried out thanks to our benevolent friend, Ferdinand.   



Five biosand filters were delivered, financed by the PROSOWA foundation. These filters are made of cement and are filled with a specialised sand that removes impurities from water, removing 98% of contaminants. PROSOWA provided the necessary tools, including three molds, so that the communities could construct the CAWST filters themselves.


During the week of February 22-26, 2021, a construction workshop was held with the Los Cabritos community, guided by the Fundación Promedio. This workshop focused on the improvement of the community center and marked the start of the Michi project. This project aims to improve the quality of life, protect culture and encourage productive projects through a cultural center, which will give the communities a space to meet, learn and preserve tradition. We strove to develop the existing structure and combine the old with the new; to listen to and work with the members of the community to incorporate their ideas and requirements into the development, such as protection from the sun and wind; and to revive and employ traditional Wayúu construction techniques and ancestral architectural designs, and to integrate these with other forms of teaching and practice.


  • Give the best functional and formal use to natural materials and to the reusable raw material identified and available in the area.
  • Implement workstations that allow the development of a manual and chain construction process following agreed design, quality and schedule.
  • Develop, together with the community, the work methodology and the modules agreed upon as design, so that they constitute the model to follow during the time required to terminate the work.
  • Advise and answer specific long-distance questions