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Using design and technology to redefine the artisanal concept to create greater social impact 

Since 2013 Hilo Sagrado has implemented a model of inclusive development which recognises the deep cultural legacy and value of artisan communities in Latin America, and which seeks to empower women with the tools that allow them to improve their quality of life. Through education, economic empowerment and sustainable development, our aim is that the communities that we work with can become self-sustainable, providing women with the necessary tools to become micro-entrepreneurs, to take ownership of their own work, and to escape from extreme poverty.

Why are we different?

Hilo Sagrado brings together efforts by the private and public sector, international organizations and private individuals to build knowledge and solutions that create social, economic and environmental impact in the communities that we work with. We raise funds through donations, crowdfunding, partnerships and sales of our products so that we can achieve our dream: to see empowered communities, fully in charge of their own development and free from extreme poverty.