For over seven years Hilo Sagrado has been working with the beautiful artisans of the Wayúu community towards sustainability, education and empowerment. We would love to have you on our team, joining us in the development, planning, and difussion of our cause and projects. You would be signing up for a wonderful experience where you would get to know all about the Wayúu cuture and customs, while you help us help them. 

We are looking for native or bilingual english speakers full of motivation, creativiy, entusiasm, attitude and responsibility who can support us though our virtual modality or travelling to the beautiful country of Colombia. Volunteers play a very important role in accomplishing our objectives in the areas of marketing, design, grant applications, project planning, web design, among others.  

During your stay, if the opportunity presents itself, you could come with us to La Guajira and have a hands on experience implementing and carrying out our projects alongside Hilo Sagrado and the Wayúu community. We welcome you in our home through our three or six month programs to help these communities thrive through education, technology and economic empowerment. 


We are excited for you to accompany us in this journey and we also cannot wait to hear your ideas. Check out our current projects, among which you can find our main focus at the moment: The Glow With The Flow Campaign, an iniciative that seeks to empower Wayúu women through a dignified and healthy menstrual cycle.


Our artisans, projects and team, are eagerly waiting for you!