Meet the Makers

Located deep in the La Guajira desert, between the Colombian and Venezuelan border, rises the traditional and ancestral indigenous Wayuú community. Its arriving to the territory dates to 150 A.D, to escape the hostile environments under the Spanish Yoke from the Amazon rainforest and Antilles. The community finds a new safe home. The tribe occupies a total area of 4,170 square miles (10,800 square kilometers) within the desert covering a large area in both colombian and venezuelan territory. The Wayuú folk is conformed by approximately 295,000 residents in the venezuelan region and 144,000 in the colombian region. With the final purpose of maintaining their traditional heritage and rituals, far away from the national context and government interventions, the Wayuú people have found shelter in small, isolated communities, of which there are around 10 in the La Guajira. The families live in huts called racherías made from cactus or palm-leaf-thatched roofs, yotojoro (mud, hay or fried cane) walls with basic furniture which includes hammocks (chinchorros) and a wood stove for cooking. The Wayuú community is a matriarchal community, where the woman owns the house and runs the family, while the man works with the animals and land. Each community has a leader who takes the decisions; usually there leader are well connected individuals who are direct descendants of previous leaders. Often these individuals know both Spanish and the Wayuú’s language. Wayuunaiki (part of the Maipuran or Arawakan language). Their culture combines legends, myths, stories, traditions and customs.


Amalfi Romero
Community leader
Los Cabritos community is located on the Km 5 vía Valledupar on the right wing. About 1 hour and a half from Riohacha, Los Cabritos is the closest community to the urban center. Amalfi is the leader of this community, she is our main bridge between the communities and the foundation. Their job is to schedule production and supervise work in other communities. Currently, within the community 23 artisans work with us.
Angelica Bouriyu
Aracelia Jarariyu
Carmen Pushaina
Dairis Sijona
Dairis Uriana
Daniris Perez
Glenda Pushaina
Karerine Pushaina
Katherine Uriana
Kelia Rosado
Kendry Romero
Martha Epiayu
Maryoris Uriana
Melinda Perez
Monica Epiayu
Nancy Romero
Nurys Maria Epiayu
Patricia Epiayu
Remedio Romero
Remedios Romero
Tatiana Perez
Valeria Pushaina
Yelitza Pushaina
Yerina Pushaina
Yojana Epiayu
Yolanda Gonzalez
Alibardo Romero
Franco Rafael
José Agustín Epiayu
Luis Eduardo Epiayu
Nando Rafel Epiayu
Rodrigo Epiayu


Located at km 15 via mayapo at the popoya entrance on the right bank of riohacha mayapo, the Uyaraipa community is located. Fredy the leader in charge in Uyaraipa is the person who coordinates the production in the community, the deliveries and shipments.
Juana Bouriyu
Luz Marina
Mamira Deluke
Maria Mercedes Bouriyu
Milena Bouriyu
Omaira Uyaraia
Rosalindra Bouyuri
Tenady Epiayu


Yamileth Gouriyu
Community leader
Urrachikat is located at kilometer 30 via Mayapo Manaure. Meet Yami, who is in charge of coordinating the work of the 20 artisans with whom we work in this community.
Abelis Epinayu
Chayo Sapuana
Edilma Rosado
Eliadis Gouriyu
Ermelinda Bouriyu
Joaquina Gonzales
Malvina Gouriyu
Maria Elena Deluque
Maria Elena Epieyu
Masilia Epinayu
Milenis Gouriyu
Silvia Riviera
Yanilsa Gouriyu
Yuledis Cotes


The Aturaimpa community is located in the township of jonjoncito municipality Uribia la Guajira.
Adelina Jusayu
Aide Sapuana
Alida Gonzalez
Ana Alicia Gonzalez
Ana Angelica Gonzalez
Ana Edily Arpushana
Daniela Epieyu
Ligia Margarita Gonzalez
Lucila Gonzalez
Maria Teresa Sapuana
Oleida Spauana
Victoria Epiayu


Located at Km 16 via Mayapo, the Ciruelakat community raises its rancherías. Hercy is the person in charge of leading the production of 61 artisans in this community.
Adela Peralta
Angela Jusayu
Cecilia Sapuana
Maria Alejandra Uriana
Maria Claudia Uriana
Maria Jose Uriana
Remedios Bouriyu
Rosalba Deluke
Maria Angelica Bouriyu
Hernan Pachon
Nicolas Epinayu
Santos Perez


Located at Km 16 via Mayapo, the Ciruelakat community raises its rancherías. Hercy is the person in charge of leading the production of 61 artisans in this community.
Ana Ipuana
Angela Epieyu
Candida Gouriyu
Elena Perez
Evelisa Bouriyu
Daniel Uriana
Eduardo Uriana
Jairo Ipuana
Mario Perez
Rober Epiyanu


Candelaria Pachon
Consuelo Deluke
Laydi Pachon
Maria Epinayu
Teresa Pachon
Carlos Manuel Pachon
Mario Uriana


Elena Epinayu
Elena Maria Epinayu
Guillermina Epiayu
Rosalba Epinayu


Maria Alejandra Fernandez
Nelly Epinayu
Nestor Fernandez


Yomaira Ipuana
Enrique Uriana


Lisseth Epinayu
Ivan Menguai


Maria Rosa Epinayu
Lucho Ipuana


Claudia Ipuana


Ana Maria Henrique


Lorena Uriana