Have you ever wonder how are you contributing to the world? Or what are you doing to generate change in society? A group of young Colombians has come together to give tangible answers to these questions. Find the way for recognition of culture and the elements that weave their identity is now the common denominator of eleven dynamic minds who want to improve the reality of the indigenous community of Colombia’s forgotten, the Wayúu.

“Hilo Sagrado” Foundation headed by Natalia, Emilia, and Ana Maria inaugurates its new image and the realization of the drive and creativity of a whole team. Since 2013 thanks to its founder, Italian Sabrina Prioli, it began the work of preserving the culture and tradition of the indigenous people by creating a sustainable social business where women made handmade products based on traditional practices.

Presently the continuation of this initiative is woven from Bogota, Berlin, and Washington by a team rather than united by motivation and desire for change, it is bound by a commitment to social responsibility and to transform ideas into action. “Hilo Sagrado” Foundation is rescuing the beauty of a culture translated in the magic of its traditions and reflection everything they do. It is important to review the origins of traditional elements but most importantly, recognizing the invaluable contribution of the Wayuu culture to the world.

Autor: Adriana Villalba