HILO SAGRADO Launches 2016 Exclusive Collection


Start fresh 2016 with spicy and colorful textile accessories in your wardrobe. Hilo Sagrado launched its exclusive collection of crocheted Mochila bags, clutches and decorative items all customized with care by the members of the Wayúu Indigenous community located in the region of La Guajira in the northeast peninsula of Colombia.

The online gallery of the products is a sample of the cultural rooting that goes underneath each creation. Each piece is a continuation of ancient techniques that have been passed down for generations and reflects the strong ties between their beliefs and their weaving traditions. All of the accessories are carefully hand-crocheted and the process can take up to one month to be done, resulting in some of the highest quality Wayúu products available in the market.


This collection took place on December 2015 in Expoartesanías, one of the most important international exhibitions of traditional and contemporary crafts that take place every year in Colombia. 80 Wayúu artisans together with the Hilo Sagrado members were involved in teamwork where training programs, international mentoring and one on one coaching was developed prior to the event. The result, more than 88,000 people between national and international buyers were captured by the hard work and passion placed on each item, with outstanding outcomes for both the community and the organization.


Hilo Sagrado is a social business and a member of Ethical Fashion Forum that seeks to rescue the cultural heritage of communities in Latin America, by empowering women entrepreneurs through capacity building and the modernization of production centers to develop sustainable textile production. Since 2013, Hilo Sagrado has promoted ethical trade with a sustainable and inclusive model that pursue greater socioeconomic wellbeing.

Autor: Adriana Villalba