Little Sun Project

In January 2019 in the north of Colombia, the foundation had a successful mission: EMPOWERING WAYUÚ, this mission was part of the reward system to the Wayuu communities for participating in Hilo Sagrado Foundation and striving for a better future for the families through their artisanship.

It was possible to donate a total of 40 devices: 30 solar chargers and 10 solar lamps. The donation was possible thanks to different sponsors all around the world. We were able to raise q,454 euros, having a total of 269 beneficiaries and more than 50 people were capacitated. 

This project was possible thanks to the support of: LOVT Berlin, financeAds, Solare, Johana Tabares, Juan Carlos Montes, Marcela Arias, Juanis Piñeres Angarita, Oscar Sebastian Oviedo, Nati Chaparro Florián, Diana Flórez, Maria Pillot, Ferdinand Facklam, Lisyuri Gallardo, Carsten Roland, Patrizia Facklam, Wardi Pabst, Ani Anca, Ellen C Lovelidge, Sophie Lundström Halbert, Rick Varela, Nabila Valentin and the partners: Little Sun.