HOMES Building better homes

“Rescatando Tradiciones” includes a series of workshops designed by several volunteers who cared about the conditions of the dwellings where the people of Wayuú community live.

The workshops were designed by experts who accompanied us in the process of giving people alternatives to improve their homes. 

Considering that most of the houses where the indigenous people live are made in bahareque: a traditional construction technique that uses sticks and reeds reinforced with mud, certain problems surpass it such as the filtration of water when it rains.

It is then when we go on to offer them an option through modern techniques that can make up for the needs that their homes need to cover. However, we need to preserve the roots and traditions of the people cause we also learn from them in the workshops.

The knowledge that is shared is the vital objective of this project that aims to preserve ancestral knowledge and leave a very broad legacy to future generations.