CULTIVATION Food security

 The project “Sembrando Sueños” grew thanks to the help of one of our volunteers who is an expert in botany, he led the task of seed plants capable of surviving the arid conditions of La Guajira.

The main objective of this work was to introduce in the community the idea that they can be self-sustaining. To do this, we teach a series of workshops on crop treatment and try to teach them what kind of plants are suitable for growth in that area.

Given the conditions of extreme aridity, lack of water and high temperatures, food production is difficult to supply. This is why “Sowing Dreams” sought more choices that provide nutrition alternatives, especially to the youngest who represent the future of the community, in fact, they are the ones who mainly received the knowledge in crop treatment.

Our project is designed to provide the Wayuú community the ability to empower themselves economically and provide a sustainable future for the little ones. We don’t forget that everything that with love is cultivated, good fruits bear in the harvest.